Here’s why jobseekers choose Recruitlink as the platform for their career development

For anyone who has chosen construction or civil engineering as a career, finding the right role to fit both your skills and career aspirations is incredibly important. Recruitlink has placed built environment professionals into leading companies across South Africa, offering not just a job, but a career. Hear what some of them have to say about the services we provide:

“Recruitlink was able to secure me an interview immediately without too much paperwork or effort from my side. They took care of it all.”

“I will definitely be making use of Recruitlink when looking for a job in the future and can happily recommend them to anyone.”

“Recruitlink’s consultants are very friendly and they kept me in the loop from day one.”

“Recruitlink kept me informed throughout the process.”

“I would definitely recommend Recruitlink to others.”

“They’re not just a one-hit operation, they build long-term relationships.”

“Finding me a placement wasn’t difficult for Recruitlink.”

“Recruitlink’s service is just better than other recruitment agencies.”

“They helped me to find a job when I urgently needed one to support my family.”

“I started using Recruitlink’s services because it’s easier to get a job through them.”

“Recruitlink offers the complete service, I was very satisfied with them.”

“Recruitlink is the best recruitment agency there is.”

“I would not hesitate to recommend Recruitlink, and already have done so to many people who, on numerous occasions, have been placed into their ideal careers.”

“Recruitlink is dedicated to looking after the well-being of their clients with an organised and professional yet friendly approach.”

“Recruitlink came to my rescue within two weeks after I placed my CV into the market. They provide personalised and focused attention to every individual and ensure that they are placed where they will be fulfilled by their job.”

“I continually received feedback and was always kept in the loop.”

“I have already recommended Recruitlink to two people, because they keep you in the picture.”

“The company’s profile is professional.”

“The consultant that I dealt with was concerned with what would be the right move for my career, which makes one feel that it’s not just a business transaction.”

“The service I received from Recruitlink overall was fast, efficient and friendly and I would certainly recommend them to my friends.”

“Recruitlink is simply much faster and efficient than other recruitment agencies.”

“I personally prefer the way in which Recruitlink manage the whole placement process and I would recommend them to anyone.”

“They have established a niche market for themselves within the recruitment industry and I have already referred many of my colleagues within the construction industry to them.”