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7 Tips for HardHat Professionals seeking employment

The HardHat Professionals 14/06/2017 0The Hard Hat Professional Says

To all young HardHat Professionals looking for employment – A few words of caution… Having recently sat through numerous interviews for multiple vacancies at our company I thought I would share a few common tips where some young HardHat Professional could have done better.






Don’t knock your current company.

The Construction and Built Environment industry is a small world and we probably know your boss.


If you talk the talk then be prepared to walk the walk.

There is a thin line between overselling yourself and coming across knowledgeable beyond your years.


Engage with your interviewers.

Remember it’s about the attitude not the qualifications.



Salary expectations.

When asked about your salary expectations – if your response is market related please make sure you know what that is.

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