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Its is not my job: A career limiting habit for Hardhat Professionals

Thami Mthethwa 23/08/2017 0The Hard Hat Professional Says

“I am too busy with important Quantity Surveying functions don’t bother me with the BEE stuff” this is the response received by a friend of mine when she requested help from a Junior Quantity Surveyor based on site, she needed information on subcontractors employed on site so that she can do an audit for the company’s BEE scorecard.

This is not the response you expect from a team player, you expect this from a Hardhat Professional who is simply ticking  the box—doing the minimum required to collect a salary and unwilling to stretch beyond their tiny little bubble

Maybe I’m oversimplifying things. But here is the truth: We all have to set limits in the workplace. You have a job. Your tasks and responsibilities are clearly defined. You can’t simply take on everything people throw at you. There are some things that truly are NOT your job; it’s your responsibility to set appropriate boundaries when needed.

This career-limiting habit is referring to the overall mindset of people who unreasonably resist taking on additional work even when it’s truly needed for the success of the team. There are times when we all have to do a little more to support others, even if it’s not specifically a part of our job description. That’s what it means to be Hardhat Professional teamplayer. Ultimately, at some point in the future, your teammates will do the same for you.

So how can you appropriately set limits without falling victim to the “It’s Not My Job” mentality?

Here are some tips:


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