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Top 10 Hard Hat Professionals should ask when negotiating salaries

Salary negotiations are not just about influencing how much you earn, it is also an opportunity to demonstrate to your future employer your ability to negotiate; a skill that is required for HardHat Professionals.

Here is my suggested list of questions Hard Hat Professionals should ask when negotiating Salaries:




1. “May I please have a job description?”

This question verifies the job you’re being hired to do is the job described during the interview process—and is a job you’re capable of doing.


2. “What is the start date?”

This is a way to reaffirm that the offer is serious. Most people want you to start immediately but will be disappointed if you agree to do so. If you leave your current employer in the lurch, the concern is that you might do the same to this company someday.




3. “How and when will I be evaluated, and will there be an increase based on that evaluation?”

These questions separate when you’ll be evaluated and when you’ll be eligible for a raise. These two events are often, but not always, linked.


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