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TVET Colleges are not an alternative to Universities

Thami Mthethwa 16/08/2017 0The Hard Hat Professional Says

Every year after the announcement of Matric results the Minister of Higher Education encourages all those whose results are not sufficient to get into Universities/Technikons to consider studying further through TVET colleges as an alternative.

The definition of alternative is one of the two or more ways of achieving the same desired end or goal. In this case the Minister is saying those who did not make it in Matric can go to TVET colleges as an alternative to reach the same goal (career)?? I think this is misleading especially for those aspiring to be Construction and Built Environment Professionals (HardHat Professionals).

If for example you aspire to be a Medical Doctor but you do not get a University entrance you have 2 options you either consider an alternative career or you improve your results by rewriting your Matric. You don’t go study a nursing course as an “alternative” to be a Medical Doctor because being a Nurse does not make you a Medical Doctor you can only be Medical Doctor by studying to be a Medical Doctor.

The same theory should apply to Hardhat Professionals if you aspire to be Quantity Surveyor/Civil Engineer/Land Surveyor/Architect you don’t go to a TVET college to get there, because being a TVET graduate   will not make you a Civil Engineer/Quantity Surveyor/Land Surveyor/Architect. If you aspire to be any of these professions you will have to go study at a University it is as simple as that.


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